It’s spring right now: beautiful, lush, moving, shaking spring.  It’s bedlam out there, with stuff being born and dying and failing and succeeding, which teaches me all over again how sad and beautiful and terrifying the world is. Spring always reminds me of Rule #1:  You want to make an omelet? You gotta break a couple eggs.

And this fucking week, you guys.  Can you honestly believe this crap, piece-of-shit week we’re having?  Christ.

In addition to people I don’t know dying and being severely traumatized, they cut down my favorite tree.  The biggest, coolest, 250-year-oldest tree. When I was a little kid, that tree seemed like the strongest, most permanent thing in the Universe.  And now it’s gone.

Welp, the good news is, things change.  (That’s also the bad news, by the way.)  And the only thing we can do is accept it, embrace it, try not to be afraid of it.  Because my friend Eleanor was biking by the tree as it was being cut down, and the guys hacking on it told her, “We get no pleasure from this job.”

Of course they don’t.  Another consolation is that a lady stopped to say, “I thank the sweet lord Jesus Christ we sat under it when we had the chance. Yesterday we sat under it and ate Chik-fil-A. I thank the sweet lord Jesus Christ for that beautiful gift.”

So you want to know what I think? I think there is no bad guy. There is only chaos and change and a world full of ideas: some of them delightful, some of them destructive, all of them moving life along, making omelets.

Lots and lots and lots of omelets.

PS. There are two squirrels humping on the roof of the shed outside my window.  Happy Spring, you guys. May it bring you the change you need.


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