Big Girl

Tomorrow is Odessa’s first day of summer vacation. Today on our drive to school, I told her, “You know, babe: today’s your last day in Martha and Mary Jessica’s class.” Dessa groaned from her car seat and said, “I KNOW! You keep telling and telling and telling me that!”

Well.  Be that as it may, it’s true.  But how does one talk to a 4 year old about savoring the last moments of something? How do you describe nostalgia to somebody who asks almost every day, “Mom, when I’m sixteen, can I wear aaaallllll the high heel shoes?”

At any rate, this year’s been a really big deal for my girl.  I mean, she basically learned to talk in the past nine months, so, you know…that was significant.  Plus, she’s become way more self-assured and coordinated than when she started school last August.  For instance, this was the first picture she drew in Ms. Martha’s class:


I’m assuming it’s a princess.

And this was the last picture she drew before she left today:


It’s a princess. She told me.

Anyway, my child can even write her name, for heaven’s sake! I’m sure a lot of four year olds can write their names, but I honestly thought we’d be waiting a while for that one.

I also thought I’d be waiting a while for her to say something like, “Okay Mom, so here’s the deal: I’m gonna stay out here and pick some mulberries and you go inside and find my blue Cinderella dress.  The BLUE one, not the pink one or the Cinderella-getting-married one.”

Which is what she told me last night when I told her it was time to go in and take a bath.

She’s a worthy opponent.  Which is good, because I’d hate to be bored for the next 70 years.



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