Dead Celebrities

My friend David didn’t know Nina Simone was dead until yesterday.  She died in 2003, apparently, but David had just gone about his business for the past decade, thinking she was alive. He didn’t take it all that well when he found out:

“I wanted her to be my grandma and hold me to her bosom and give me all her wisdom.”

Which, yeah.  I get that.

I had a similar experience when I found out Gregory Peck was 62 years older than me and no longer looked like this:

Gregory Peck

Because I had BIG plans for Gregory Peck, ya’ll, and they involved b) marriage and b) as much of my virginity as I was aware of at the age of 11.  Gregory Peck eventually did die, but by then I was 25, so the shock and disappointment had worn off a little. A little.

Anyway, here’s to all the dead celebrities we didn’t know personally, but loved anyway.

My deepest condolences to you on the demise of your favorite dead celebrity.


One comment

  1. David G. Edwards

    I was tough making out the list for the BBQ this year because so many of my friends no longer have earthly addresses.

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