Well, it rained.

It rained, but it was really fun anyway.  The wedding, I mean.

But rain is officially dead to me.  Rain and I are no longer on speaking terms.

Weddings are always fun even if it does rain, because if I never went to weddings, I’d never get to dance to 1960’s girl groups or get in really deep conversations with people I’m 100% positive I’ll never see again.  And those are both good things.

But anyway, Kerry and David are married now and I did some sermonizing about Love, as I’m wont to do if you point me at an opportunity.

And here’s a nice picture:


David looks, um…. I mean as much like he’s trying to be polite in somebody’s cat-pee-smelling house as anything. But Kerry looks super happy, which presumably David was also in this moment.  I’m wearing blue eye shadow for the first time ever, so that’s notable.

Congratulations, you guys! You’re pretty sweet!


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