You know about Life, right? It makes you have feelings.  Lot’s of’em.  If you’re lucky.  Which I am.

Audrey told me the other day that “enlightened” people describe the experience as being both ecstatically joyful and deeply sad all at the same time.  I’m actually a little skeptical of the whole idea of Enlightenment, but that’s about what I’d predict it would be like if I had to guess.

Anyway, I’m not Enlightened, but I think I can contribute something to this conversation.  And what I can say is that September’s a bitch for me every goddamn year.  I get SO sad! So terribly, tragically sad and lonesome like Willie Nelson singing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.”  I feel like I’m an astronaut in deep space, hanging onto Earth by just one little air tube that’s connected to a space shuttle that was built on my own, sweet planet. God you guys it sucks.

And I fight it. I bought a $16 bottle of Vitamin D supplements yesterday that’s just going to sit atop my refrigerator until The End of Days.  I walked into the kitchen this morning while Bryan was doing dishes and asked him if he would please treat me like a $7,000 orchid from now on. I cried a little bit at my desk when I read my horoscope this morning. September usually reduces me to a basically just a slimy, anaerobic salmagundi of a person.

But I think it’s going to get better. And until it does, there’s Lisa Hanawalt and her hilarious cartoons. Not only are they really funny, she doesn’t even give one fuck about anything, ever.  Which is what I wish I could do.

This one is from a series about Coyote Doggirl, who has been ambushed by Indians, and lost her beloved horse, Red.



ImageI kinda feel like the Coyote Doggirl in this situation. And the Native American shaman dog is September.

So, yeah.  Enlightenment.


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