Baby Pictures

You know how some people look exactly like their adult selves as soon as they’re born?

I was not one of those people.

My Granny had a bunch of old pictures and drawings and letters of mine from when I was little, and my mom just brought a big envelope full of that stuff to me this weekend.  It was all pretty cute–drawings, poorly penned Christmas greetings, flyers for fairs and things Granny and I did together, etc.

And then there was this picture:



And I was like, “Mom, who’s this?”

“It’s you.”



And then Bryan and his sister got hold of it, and laughed for about 10 minutes.  Because, a) I look so aggressively like my dad that I can see how people say that babies are like little paternity tests, designed to prevent male-driven infanticide, and b) there is not one feature on that baby’s face that resembles my adult face.

In short, I wouldn’t recognize myself in a lineup of babies.

Good thing I’ll never have to.



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