Petty Party

My friend Vicki has a live band karaoke party every year.  Well, I say it’s every year, but it’s only been two so far, which makes me feel optimistic there will be more.  Because It’s nearly my favorite thing that ever happens.

For starters, there’s always a theme, and I love a theme.  Last year was Elton John, and this year was Tom Petty, which was arguably way cooler.  But have you ever tried to sing like Tom Petty?

I did yesterday:

It’s not easy, and I’ve come to believe you need to be from Gainesville, Florida to do it. (Evidence: the best person at the Petty Party was from Gainesville, as is Tom Petty. SCIENCE.)

Also, you get to sing with a real, remarkably good band, which somehow legitimizes your whole existence.

Also, my sweet Bryan played bass in said remarkably good Petty cover band–maybe you can see him behind my pink polyester prom dress?


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