meanddessaI’m a writer, a hugger, a talker and somebody’s mom.  If what you wanted was privacy, you should have picked a different friend.



  1. Patrick Shields

    jess, I ended up with this giant book of quotable quotes at the pink elephant at Christmas. Want it? Pobably won’t fit in your house. Only Shields to quote is Carol Shields (1935-2003).”To be like everyone else, isn’t that what we all want in the end?” Probably didn’t come from our side of the tree.

  2. David G. Edwards

    “Probably didn’t come from our side of the tree.” That’s for dang sure!

    There’s a new meme, as I am sure you have seen: “Trump is Not My Circus Not My Monkey” facebook group. Probably didn’t originate from MadCo.
    We’ve had a lot of changes around here, but everything, as Mom unceasingly quoted [Desiderata] most of her life, “the universe is unfolding as it should.” I prefer, “the universe is unfolding.” Since she died on August 17, 2016, my only sibling, my younger brother (by two years, and always at odds), for the first time in his life, actually said, “David, you’re the Patriarch now.” Bout had a heart-attack and gave it up on the spot. Nathaniel, my youngest, 23, is the only one who wants Mom & Dad’s 24 acres 1/3 mile from me, so he’ll get that. We’ll rent it for a while first. Thought about y’all the other night and listened to Old Green Hills (can’t get enough, is it on CD yet?) Hope ya’ll are well. And Hope to see y’all soon!!

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